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Stafford’s first choice for expert car repairs

With years of experience in the automotive industry, All Torque Automotive is the expert when it comes to carrying out professional vehicle servicing and repairs. What’s more, as an environmentally conscious company, we go the extra mile in offering services that are also eco-conscious.
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Going green has got to start somewhere

As an environmentally friendly mechanic, we offer professional services which not only repair your car, but also reduce its impact on the environment. Using the most up to date equipment and techniques, our team can quickly identify any issues your vehicle may have, and deal with them efficiently and effectively.

Experienced in working with all makes and models, including the latest computer-controlled cars, we can help to reduce your impact on the environment and keep your car running perfectly at the same time. Just pop into our garage in Stafford to find out more!

Energy and water

As part of our enviro-friendly approach to mechanics, at All Torque Automotive, we’re always striving to be as energy efficient as we can.

We do this by implementing strict energy conservation in the following ways:

  • We use natural light, with large main doors
  • We use high-efficiency fixtures and venting to remove the need for excess air conditioning
  • All our electricity is supplied by Origin Energy 100% Green Power
  • Everything we buy, from computers to shop lifts, is purchased with complete energy efficiency in mind


When it comes to your car, being eco-friendly has benefits not just for the environment, but for you as well. If you service your vehicle regularly, it will run more efficiently, use less fuel, and will be less likely to need extensive repairs. It will also help to reduce your carbon footprint, all of which will save you money on the long-run.

Bring your car in to us on a regular basis, and our expert team will ensure it keeps running in perfect condition for years to come.

Workshop and office

Being an enviro-friendly mechanic in Stafford starts with the little things - from using only recyclable materials, such as paper, print cartridges, to purchasing energy-efficient appliances. We also buy all our parts and supplies locally (in bulk where possible) to cut down on packaging materials, as well as recycling where we can with fluids, metal, packaging and parts.  

At All Torque Automotive, we work very hard to produce almost zero rubbish, so if you’re looking for an environmentally conscious mechanic in Stafford, we’re the best bet!


"I just wanted to send you a note to thank for the professional service. My wife Christine and I have been getting our cars serviced and maintained by ALL TORQUE for the last five years. We keep returning due to your expertise and pricing. We recommend you to all our friends.”

Peter Rosin

“Stuart from All Torque Auto has always been honest, reliable and, most importantly a very good mechanic. We have complete faith that he would never do any unnecessary work on our vehicles. My father, sister and three of my brothers also use ALL TORQUE, a total 10 cars that we entrust to Stuart's care."

Carmel and Alistair Swaine

As an industry partner, it is rare one comes across an owner and sole operator mechanic who can talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk. I've been a loyal client to ALL TORQUE AUTOMOTIVE now for five years and in that time I've found Stuart Polley to not only promise what he delivers, but also possesses and demonstrates excellent customer service, blended with quality workmanship.

This type of company is rare in today's small business arena and to find a person with these qualities is a breath of fresh air to all who meet him. Stuart’s technical experience, ability, passion and attention to detail comes through from the minute you meet him, then follows through with every repeat visit, and best of all, he listens to you - the customer

In short, my opinion of Stuart is that he is honest, reliable and trustworthy of my own personal cars.

Steve Donohue, Hertz Rent-A-Car

Call us today on 07 3356 7038  for more information about our expert car repairs in Stafford!

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